Anarchy Old: Reactive (obsolete)

Anarchy Fire © Jan Buchinger, 2018

"We tolerate no tyranny and oppression. We emancipate ourselves from the culture of classes and hierarchies. We have no leader. If necessary we will fight using violence and demonstrate the oppressors our destructive force".

Anarchy New: Proactive (current)


"We enjoy a system free of government tyranny and oppression. We live a culture beyond classes and hierarchies. Since it is still necessary we work on establishing the egalitarian system continuously and further develop it to secure and improve it for future generations".

Anarchy v2

Anarchy v2 © Jan Buchinger, 2018

The new Anarchist relies on an Environment that enables individualism and individual growth. The state is accepted because it tries to establish human rights and an egalitarian system. Since the time of government oppression is passed, a monopoly of legitimate force by the state is welcomed to enable a demilitarized society. Synonyms for the new anarchism could be "progressive anarchism", "world anarchism", "compatibilist anarchism", "humanitarian anarchism" or "egalitarian anarchism". The strategies that evolve are strictly non violent and rely on empathetic communication to solve the problems time brings. We have learned that violence only makes things worse.

The Successful Anarchist

A successful anarchist is his or her own and only owner. This implicates that he or she grants this right everyone else too. Otherwise he or she is a tyrant, not an anarchist.
Being ones own owner also means taking responsibility for ones own emotions. If someone cant master his or her feelings and thereby hurts others, again he or she is a tyrant, not an anarchist.

The Redefinition

I would like to propose a new definition for an anarchist as follows: "A person that is his or her own and only owner and does not strive to own anyone else".

Anarchistic Spirituality

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